Breathe Free 2.0

9 sessions to quit smoking with coaching support

What is Breathe Free 2.0?

It is a program designed to help you break free from tobacco addiction and live a better quality of life

According to US Department of Health and Human Services, the best chances a smoker has to quit the habit is by joining a program based on behavioral approach techniques. Breathe Free 2.0 has more than 50 years helping thousands of smokers like you to break free from tobacco.


Breathe Free 2.0 will help you live longer and get to see your children grow, practice your favorite sport with total lung functionality and have a better taste for food. You will avoid cancer, improve your skin and enjoy a better quality of intimacy in your marriage.

Why Breathe Free 2.0?

Because you want to break free from tobacco addiction and have a new beginning in your life. Because you want to prove yourself you can do it.

Your Coaches

Sebastian Godoy

Certified Cessation Coach (Breathe Free 2 – USA)

Certificate on Cessation by  The Ontario Tobacco Research Unit (Canada)

Certificate on Tobacco Cessation by Foro Foundation for Mental Health (Argentina)

Elmita Acosta, MD

Specialist on Pediatrics

Certificate on Cessation Smoking by

The Ontario Tobacco Research Unit (Canada)

Breathe Free started in 1963, more than 50 years ago and has been updated several times to incorporate the best evidence-based methods. Over these years more than 20.000.000 people around the world have stopped smoking for good thanks to Breathe Free 2.0. The last program conducted in the UAE had a success rate of 70% among participants.

Program Plan

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Session 1

Getting to know the plan and each other.

Session 2

Motivation and decision making to jump start action.

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Session 3

Quitting Day: Strategies to move forward.

Session 4

Detoxification: Face and management of withdrawal symptoms.

Session 5

Detoxification continues.

Session 6

Learning to live as a non smoker.

Session 7

Dealing with social smoking and weekend plans.

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Session 8

Building up your new non smoker identity.

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Session 9

Celebration and guidelines for keeping up.

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Questions & Answers

How long does the session take?

Each group session takes between 75 – 90 mins. Personal coaching takes much less.

How are the sessions arranged?

We usually spread the 9 sessions over 3 weeks.

Week 1: Sessions 1 and 2;

Week 2: Session 3-7 and

Week 3: Sessions 8 and 9.

How can I know if this program will work with me?

We want to be honest with you. Breathe Free 2.0 works well for those who are ready for action. A test will be done in the first session to determine if you are ready or not.

Where is the program conducted?

This time, the program is going to be run at Oasis Hospital, specifically at the majlis located inside the hospital’s museum.

What is the schedule of sessions?

  • Session 1: April 22 (7:00pm to 8:30pm)
  • Session 2: April 24 (7:00pm to 8:30pm)
  • Session 3 to 7: April 28 to May 2 (7:00pm to 8:30pm)
  • Session 8: May 6 (9:45pm to 11:00pm)*
  • Session 9: March 8 (9:45pm to 11:00pm)*

*Late timing due to Ramadan season